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Even as mobile devices are getting smaller and more powerful, the data they create and consume is getting larger and more time sensitive.

When you add multiple devices per employees, that they want to leverage at work, the problem is compounded. The reality is that every organization has to evaluate how they handle the sharing and synchronizing of large data in an increasingly mobile world.

Users are not waiting for a new corporate standard or product rollout. They have found personal apps and services that solve their personal file sync and share problem and decide to leverage them to get their job done. Many of these options are not secure, leaving the ownership of the data in question and adding unnecessary risk by storing corporate data on third-party servers in the cloud. This is a growing problem, which challenges knowledge workers from the board room to the front line sales professional.

While many IT departments provide FTP access, or a web portal to facilitate file sharing, users are frustrated by the delays and technology hurdles they have to endure to use these tools, not to mention the questionable security of FTP. The need is for a more simple way to share and sync files that will pass the enterprise security policy standards.

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Publiziert: 01.07.15 | IBM Deutschland GmbH

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