Server Virtualization

Cisco VFrame and VMware Integration

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A major shift is occurring in the hosting of applications across a variety of enterprise and service provider data centers.

These shifts are accelerating because of the growing facility and administration costs associated with managing hundreds to thousands of servers, and a reversal in thinking that more is better. Moreover, the application groups are becoming more demanding with faster time to productivity requirements and the need for the IT infrastructure groups to activate servers in hours rather than days and months. These requirements call for new approaches to server hosting architectures and the operational models that support them.

Server virtualization is an important new hosting technology that is gaining increased market adoption. This technology abstracts the applications and operating system from the underlying server hardware. This abstraction, commonly referred to as a hypervisor, allows for server consolidation because one physical server can reliably host multiple independent virtual machines.

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Publiziert: 23.11.06 | Cisco Systems GmbH

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