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Disk-based Backup With Data De-duplication

Bereitgestellt von: Exagrid Systems / Claude Bouffard, Brian Garrett

Three of four IT managers concern about their current data protection strategy. Disk-based backup seems to be the remedy.

A growing number of organizations are embracing disk-based backup solutions to improve backup performance, eliminate tape media management issues and improve the speed and reliability of recovery operations. This ESG Lab report explores how the ExaGrid disk-based backup system uses byte level data de-duplication to provide space efficient capacity optimization, fast and reliable backup and recovery performance and WAN-optimized remote replication using a virtualized pool of network attached disk capacity that works with existing backup software, policies and procedures.

The objective of ESG Lab Reports is to go over some of the more valuable feature/functions of products, show how they can be used to solve real customer problems and identify any areas needing improvement. ESG Lab‘s expert third-party perspective is based on our own hands-on testing as well as on interviews with customers who use these products in production environments.

Examined topics in this white paper:

  • ESG Lab Validation
    - Ease of Deployment
    - Performance
    - Data De-Duplication
    - Remote Replication
    - Scalability
  • ESG Lab Validation Highlights
  • Issues to Consider
  • ESG Lab’s View

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Publiziert: 08.05.08 | Exagrid Systems / Claude Bouffard, Brian Garrett

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