Why Data Storage Performance Matters

Flash Array Deployment for Dummies

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Flash Array Deployment for Dummies

Information technology (IT) isn’t an end in itself; it’s a means to solving certain business problems or enhancing business opportunities.

Organizations ranging from city governments, through movie production companies and medical research institutions, to car manufacturers are realizing that how well their information technology (IT) performs strongly affects how well their business performs. Insightful executives and IT managers understand that their data storage systems play a crucial role in how well their information technology helps them achieve important objectives such as faster decision making, better customer service, or a smaller data center budget. Solid state storage made from NAND flash memory chips has evolved in terms of cost, performance, and reliability to the point where many organizations are seriously considering its use to replace inefficient, unacceptably slow mechanical spinning disk systems. This accelerating trend has led enterprises to ask some natural questions: When should flash be used? Which flash solution is best for each particular use case? And how can I make it a successful, costeffective part of my data center? These questions are answered in this ebook.

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