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High-Speed Sync

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High-performance multi-directional data replication and synchronization.

As enterprises continue to push more of their data into data centers and cloud environments that are located further away from their employees and operations, the effort of transferring, replicating, or synchronizing the file-based assets over wide-area networks (WANs) presents serious challenges using traditional replication tools. This problem is further compounded with the massive growth in file sizes and number of files.

Replication speed is primarily limited by two factors: TCP (Transmission Control Protocol), and the time it takes to scan the local file system. As more files are created, moved, or changed on the source file system, the scanning process takes progressively longer to execute. As distance between source and target servers increases, latency and packet loss worsen on average. This limits the speed of the comparison of the local and remote systems to find the deltas as well as the speed of replication over TCP.

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