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With the explosive growth of unstructured data across virtually all industries, fast and reliable movement of massive digital data over global distances is vital to business success.

Time is critical because in the age of big data and mobile empowered consumers, product life cycles and new markets are measured in months not years. Innovators continually reinvent themselves supported by data analytics and their dynamic value chains. Examples of “first wave” industries are media and entertainment, telecommunications, high tech electronics, and retail. Yet every organization is feeling the pressure to move faster.

Moving faster requires the “digital” value chains that support your business to operate at greater speeds. And it is here that today’s larger data sets encounter a barrier. The barrier is a technical one – TCP, the Internet’s underlying transfer protocol developed in the 1970’s provides reliable data delivery under the ideal conditions found within a local area network, but it quickly becomes unreliable and slow with increased packet loss and latency that are typical of long-distance WANs. Adding more bandwidth does not change the effective throughput - file transfer speeds do not improve and expensive bandwidth is underutilized. These factors are not as noticeable with smaller files, but become painfully obvious as file sizes grow, hence the need to find an alternative for these “extreme” file transfers. A new category of extreme file transfer solutions has surfaced to try and address this barrier. An example of the problem is a 24GB file sent half way around the world can take 26 hours via traditional TCP/IP.

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Publiziert: 01.07.15 | IBM Deutschland GmbH

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