IBM Scale Out File Services

Reinventing network-attached storage

Bereitgestellt von: IBM Deutschland GmbH / S. Oehme, J. Deicke, J.-P. Akelbein et al.

A new approach to scalable NAS services using a new scalable distributed database system for Samba (CTDB).

This white paper focuses on the challenges of creating a scalable network-attached storage (NAS) filer with hundreds of nodes on top of the IBM General Parallel File Systeme (GPFSe).

The filer is created as a multi headed data exporter over Ethernet and uses the Common Internet File System (CIFS) as implemented by the Samba open-source project and a Network File System (NFS) protocol server. Special focus is given to ensure the consistency of data in an efficient manner for applications that have complex access patterns from a large number of nodes.

Also considered are the challenges of providing an extremely high-performance facility for exporting data in parallel and the demands of storing very large amounts of data. Introducing new aspects of storage management - such as storage pools and file sets as they are implemented in current file systems - into NAS appliances enables the management of large amounts of data in a single namespace.

Tabel of contents:

  • Existing NAS concepts
  • Paradigm shift from scale-up to scale-out
  • Samba CIFS
  • Clustering NFS
  • Comparison of NFS and CIFS locking
  • From components to end-to-end management

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Publiziert: 01.01.09 | IBM Deutschland GmbH / S. Oehme, J. Deicke, J.-P. Akelbein et al.

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