PoINT Storage Manager Whitepaper

Software to manage unstructured data

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Software to manage unstructured data

File Tiering & Archiving mit PoINT Storage Manager

This White Paper describes the current challenge which IT departments face to maintain
and manage unstructured data and how this challenge can be solved by an intelligent
archiving and file tiering approach.
Today data is expanding without limits. But the majority of this data is rarely changed
after initial activities and therefore becomes inactive after a short period of time.
Nevertheless, typically all data is kept in expensive Tier 1 storage and needs to be
covered by the backup process. This situation leads to the situation that storage costs
are increasing and backup windows cannot be met. In addition almost all organizations have to operate under regulatory compliance and
have to fulfill archiving requirements.

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Publiziert: 26.04.10 | PoINT Software & Systems GmbH

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