Thin Provisioning

The Cure For Wasted Space

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One of the main existing legacies today from an era when servers stored their data in direct attached "hard drives":

Is the fact that OS´s and applications are created assuming that the drive is"hard1; that is, with fixed capacity.

Even though in the last decade most of the servers and applications store their files in array subsystems that are flexible in size and present Logical Units (LUs), those Logical Units are still treated as fixed size units or Physical Units.

There is no reason to expect any change in behavior of the OS and applications any time soon.This creates a burden with very high hidden costs for IT divisions of companies with medium to high numbers of servers. Thin Provisioning is a technology that alleviates the huge cost of theclassical storage provisioning schemes.

This paper describes howThin Provisioning works and what benefits it delivers as well as the facts that need to be taken into account for asuccessful implementation.

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Publiziert: 24.01.07 | LSI Logic GmbH an AVAGO Technologies GmbH company / LSI

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